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Artists featured:

Mawuko Agbemenyah


Haydn Albrow

Anna Arbiter

Aisha Aziz

Wendy Clouse Balkwill

Richard Barber

Leah Thomason Bromberg

Sally Buchanan

Paul Burrell

Kristy Campbell

Laura Carey

Edmund Cavill

Christopher Channing

Carlos Cortes

Neda Dana-Haeri

Seema Gill

Zurab Gogidze and End of Year Show

Lucia Gomez

Georgia Green

Francisco Adolfo Gutierrez

Adrian Haak

Gabriella Hargrave

Charlotte Harker and End of Year Show

Richard Heley

Jola Hesselberth

Julia Kerrison

Piotr Krolicki Spring and End of Year Shows 2018 ; 2019

Moon Kuan

Blair Lamar

Rob Linton

Flora Malpas

Niamh McConaghy

Gary McDowall

Peter Murry

Adrian Penu

Amy Pezzin

Andrew Newton

The Pieregonczuk Sisters

Nadja Gabriela Plein

Judit Prieto

Anastasia Russa

Nicky Scott-Francis

Izabela Sotirow-Hassan

Yana Stajano

Henryk Terpilowski

Teresa Vanneck-Surplice

Cathal Wharton

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