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The Gallery inside St.Catherine’s Church, Neasden was closed due to the Covid 19 situation.

Featured artist for November: Francisco Adolfo Gutierrez - 1st November to 30th November 2020

Kings Place-The Cloud Trapper
Kings Place The Cloud Trapper

Francisco Adolfo Gutierrez is an artist based in Islington London capturing his own
experiences and impressions through his paintings. He works with cityscapes,
buildings and a mix of nature and buildings. For some years he has been focusing on
completing a collection of paintings that capture the disappearing world of the
traditional pubs of London. Some paintings are also from his travels. Sketching and
watercolour are the most familiar techniques to the artist and in 2017 he has
returned to work with acrylic on canvas after years of retirement of this media.


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Open studio permanently - Commissions are welcome

Milna Brac-Island Croatia
Milna Brac Island Croatia

Watercolours by Francisco Aldolfo Gutierrez

Kings Place-The Cloud Trapper
The Churchill Arms Notting Hill
Kings Place-The Cloud Trapper
The Sunrise & Dolphin Cloud From Primrose Hill
Kings Place-The Cloud Trapper
The Serpentine Bridge


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