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The Gallery inside St.Catherine’s Church, Neasden was closed due to the Covid 19 situation.

Paintings by Niamh McConaghy - 1st December to 31st December 2020

Based near the shores of Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland, Niamh McConaghy takes inspiration from the surrounding green areas. The vast openness to both the Lough and the fields are frequently transferred to her paintings through blasts of colour and energetic movement within her brush strokes. More recently, she has explored figurative painting, often choosing banal, unmotivated or blank expressions from either herself or those closest to her. These paintings are reflective towards the ongoing pandemic and the behaviours that have accumulated due to lockdown.

Niamh McConaghy

A consistent theme running across her work, is her titling process. Selecting quotes or reviews of people and places as titles of the work, creates a suggestive and often, satirical tone to the intention of the painting. She has exhibited in Northern Ireland and Scotland and has consistently produced commissioned pieces that have ranged from memories of places/ spaces to portraits of animals and people. She is currently a PhD student at Ulster University, with a research focus exploring how a combination of visual art and poetry can impact the communication and understanding of chronic pain.

Over lockdown, she advertised smaller pieces of work under the #artistsupportpledge on her Instagram page.

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Paintings by Niamh McConaghy

Niamh McConaghy Niamh McConaghy Niamh McConaghy
About Will it Snow. Will it Snow is Updated Four Times a Day Calm. Adjective. If the Weather is Calm there is Very Little Wind Dem Sunsets

Niamh McConaghy Niamh McConaghy Niamh McConaghy
Half the World Away Some Sunny Spells are Expected in the Eastern Region A Native of County Donegal
He’s Passionate about Showcasing
the Gems of His Homeland

Niamh McConaghy Niamh McConaghy Niamh McConaghy
Veryl 90% Accurate Don't Go Back

Niamh McConaghy Niamh McConaghy Niamh McConaghy
All that is Gold Does Not Glitter. Not All Those Who Wonder are Lost Showery My Face Multiple Times a Day when I forget my Mask


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