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The Gallery inside St.Catherine’s Church, Neasden is closed due to the Covid 19 situation.

Featured Artist : Gary McDowall

Born in England of Caribbean heritage Gary A McDowall spent his early years in Trinidad and St Vincent. From very young he always had a love of art and music Gary is a self taught artist (sketching and painting) who experimented with various styles before graduating to acrylic paint which is the current medium he uses. His themes are varied consisting of portraits, landscapes and biblical scenes. He uses his artwork (both music and painting) as a form of therapy. He has at present 90 completed paintings, despite having loss of sight in one eye and other health issues.

Gary McDowall Gary McDowall
Love Me Tender The Nurse

His Debut showing was in a group exhibition which was held at The Stables In Exile St Catherine's at the end of 2019 He recently had his work exhibited at Art In The Wood, October 2020 Clitterhouse Farm Project. He has been greatly encouraged to continue painting.

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Paintings by Gary McDowall

Gary McDowall
Caribbean Seaside

Gary McDowall

Gary McDowall

Gary McDowall
Jonah and the Whale

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