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Nina Pancheva
Nina Pancheva

“Sometimes it seems as the screens show us a more ‘truthful’ reality than our own five senses in our daily life perceive. We see, hear and experience the worlds’ events through screens, we feel as we belong to the world through the power of these images. Our own existential experience is deeply influenced by this perception. On the other hand, the world on our screens seems somehow unreal – it resembles some kind of computer-generated reality...”

Nina Pancheva is an artist who works in painting and art installation. In her practice, she often juxtaposes abstract elements with figurative ones to explore various subjects, mostly related to political and ecological problems. Her recent work focuses on current ecological issues, such as the melting of the polar ice caps, issues which find their place in her paintings in the shift between the reality we feel with our senses and the digital one, marked by screens and computer dialogue boxes within figurative landscapes and portraits.

Nina Pancheva

After completing her art education in the art academy in her home country Bulgaria, Plovdiv, she received her MA of Fine Art at the University of Southampton in 2011. In 2015 she completed her Ph.D. at the same university with practice-based research. Her works have been included in private and public collections in the United Kingdom, USA, Bulgaria, Austria, and Italy. Among the prizes which her paintings have received are: shortlisted for London Art Biennale 2021, fifth place for painting in the competition ‘All Landscapes’, Contemporary Art Gallery Online; shortlisted for final exhibition of Lynn Painter-Strainers Prize; shortlisted for final exhibition of the competition ING Discerning Eye, as well as for Sunny Art Prize 2020; shortlisted for final exhibition of Beep International Painting Prize, Swansea, Wales; first-place prize for painting in the competition of Foundation “Anastas Staykov”, Bulgaria; shortlisted as one of the artists to present Bulgaria in the Henkel and KulturKontakt competition in Vienna, Austria.

Nina Pancheva
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Paintings by Nina Pancheva

Nina Pancheva

Nina Pancheva
Polar bear

Nina Pancheva Nina Pancheva
Island of Utopia Images, Images

Nina Pancheva

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