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The Gallery inside St.Catherine’s Church, Neasden is closed due to the Covid 19 situation.

Hannah Botma

Hannah Botma is an illustrator and art teacher who works in both digital and traditional media.

She studied illustration in the Netherlands for her bachelors degree and a Masters of Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art. Her creative journey led her to Barcelona and now to London, where she is thoroughly enjoying being part of the Brent art community.
Illustrating children’s books, teaching art, drawing and other creative endeavours is her greatest passion and takes up most of her professional time.

Hannah Botma

Furthermore she is active in using her skills in graphic design, video editing and illustration for charities such as Christianna Foundation and The Liliesleaf Trust UK.

When working in Edinburgh she created mural artwork and hand lettering for pubs and cafes, including the Salt Horse Beer Bar of the Royal Mile. She continued to develop this skill in Spain, working with Wallspot to create approved murals on the streets of Barcelona. In London these ventures came to fruition by organising a mural art workshop at the Clitterhouse Farm.

Sharing artistic activities in a community is of importance to her, almost as important as drawing dinosaurs everywhere.

Hannah Botma

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Artworks by Hannah Botma

Hannah Botma Hannah Botma Hannah Botma
Jarred Barcelona Mural 2020 Digging Machine

Hannah Botma Hannah Botma Hannah Botma
Tanker Mouse Building Plans Dinosaur Cherries

Hannah Botma Hannah Botma
Spring Whale


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