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The Gallery inside St.Catherine’s Church, Neasden is closed due to the Covid 19 situation.

Susie Mendelsson
Susie Mendelsson
Egyptian God

“I love art that is rough around the edges. I'm not interested in perfection. I don't appreciate skill for skill's sake. I always seek the humanity, integrity and truth in work. The art I make is for those drawn to stories, emotions, dreams and self-expression. There are no easy answers here, just what you bring to the work.”

Susie  Mendelsson

Susie Mendelsson is an artist living in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Originally trained as a graphic artist, she later went on to complete an MA in Fine Art as a painter and printmaker, and since moving to Suffolk in 2010, now works exclusively in three dimensions.

Susie  Mendelsson
No Flies on Me

Susie has always been intrigued by representations of the human figure and is particularly drawn to the work of outsider artists (self-taught artists outside the established art scene). Though the sources of her imagery are often autobiographical, her work communicates universal concerns and emotions. Despite herself, an element of humour often makes an appearance in her work.

Most of the materials she uses in her work have been discarded. They include lost dolls, old newspapers, domestic objects like milk bottles, ring pulls, and sugar wrappers, items from second-hand shops, found items in the street and on the beach, and so on.


Sculptures by Susie Mendelsson

Susie Mendelsson Susie Mendelsson Susie Mendelsson
Putting on A Good Face Holding On Mujer Mexicana

Susie  Mendelsson Susie  Mendelsson
Mexican Memories Saved

Susie  Mendelsson
Sensible Shoes


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